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Scott L. Steward: International Instructor of Entrepreneurship

Scott L. Steward holds a Masters of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from Roosevelt University. Scott is the co-founder of Project Tech Teens, an innovative and engaging Mobile App foundry where students in underserved communities can easily learn computer programming while launching scalable and profitable businesses. Scott is also the CEO of Break Bread Marketing & Media, a multimedia production company and marketing consulting firm, and a Master Certified Teacher of Entrepreneurship by the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). Scott is dedicated to helping students realize and achieve their dreams. Through his more than 15 years of corporate marketing and business experience, Scott ignites the dreams of students by pouring belief into their minds and optimism in their souls. Scott L. Steward, a 19-time award-winning teacher of entrepreneurship, expertise is frequently sought after by various publications. A contributing writer for Chicago’s N’DIGO Magapaper, he provides tips on entrepreneurial ventures and suggestions for emerging entrepreneurs. In addition, Scott authored "From the Block to the Boardroom: a Book of Stewism's", a self help book for aspiring professionals. Scott also authored a business plan that is featured in the book, "Make $1,000 in 35 Days" and is a contributor to the textbook, "Entrepreneurship: Owning Your FUTURE 11th Edition", (Pearson, Prentice Hall). Known as the “force” behind a student’s limitless future, Scott empowers students to become CEOs of their own businesses and lives, and to create wealth on their own terms. A business owner, educator, entrepreneurial expert, husband and father of three, he knows firsthand the enjoyable, and not so enjoyable, aspects of entrepreneurship.