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While I wanted all the name brands, my mother insisted I got comfortable with seeing my own brand name on my clothes. Although I did not start a clothing company, I understood the importance of owning your own business.

My mother was the founder and CEO of ‘Options Unlimited’, a career development company that was committed to helping people identify various options for themselves to earn a living. It was then that she looked at me and said, ‘one day, you’ll own the business’.

From there, I knew my options were unlimited.

My mother taught me to dream of owning my own business one day.


About Me

I am a global 18 time award winning teacher of Entrepreneurship and Technology and I am currently preparing the next generation of business owners to generate generational wealth and create global impact. 


Since 2004, I’ve helped entrepreneurs launch their business ideas, earn thousands of dollars for their business venture, and sustain their entrepreneurial passion.

Not only have I started multiple businesses, but I’ve also taught over 10,000 high school students in and throughout the Chicago Public School system. I’ve won multiple teaching awards including the 2014 Teacher of the Decade award from the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE).

Over the past five years, I have taught entrepreneurial workshops and classes all over the world including, Harvard Business School, Lewis University, Chicago State University, DePaul University, and the Universidad de Guanajuato in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Now that I’ve collected a plethora of experiences, I am here to share them with you. The mistakes for you to learn from, and the successes to inspire you.

Won’t you join me for the entrepreneurial ride of your life?

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My Promise

I’ll only work with individuals that are unwilling to accept anything less than the absolute best for themselves and their business. I promise to extend premier quality, innovation, and outstanding customer service.

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